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By Sound Alone

A novel with some submarines. Also a pigeon.




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Above you can read a complete (118k+ words, 400+ pages) novel for free. It’s about submarines. Not nuclear submarines, or modern submarines, or any kind of submarine that actually existed. It is about cargo submarines. In a mid-century Earth where, due to the economic circumstances of the world having skewed off slightly from the path followed in real life, submarines ended up being recruited to do the trucking of cargo around the world. So: not exactly like other submarine stories you may have encountered. (Also, far more women are involved than the typical submarine story.)

What’s it like?

Fundamentally, it’s a cross between a 1960s submarine movie and a 1970s trucker movie. It’s kind of a slurry of Das Boot, Road Warrior, Deadliest Catch, and Smokey and the Bandit. Maybe with some China Syndrome and Jaws thrown in. (Though the latter’s similarity is in tone only — there’s no sharks in the book. Sorry.) It is undoubtedly speculative fiction — but not science fiction. What more specific genre beyond that is maybe a little fuzzy. It is also an action-packed page-turner! It should be entertaining to read. If you find this isn’t the case, you should probably let me know.

More detailed FAQ on its way!

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